How To Change The World

Most of us want to have this great idea that would simply make everyone marvel. An idea so cool that everyone wishes they thought of it first. But certainly, not every one of us would create this idea before leaving this earth. Some of us would simply have thought of the idea while some would have indeed implemented it. Some would never have thought of the idea at all.

But the secret to creating this idea is simple. Ask yourself this question: “If I had all the resources on this earth, what would I use it on?” This type of question tries to take our mind away from monetary values but into a more beneficial realm. Most of us want to have a lot of money, but what would you do if you had all the money. This question would help give you a vision of what you want to do.

For me, I want to make people better. I would love to make people think wiser and be better in whatever endeavor they find themselves. I would love to help people discover the better part of themselves. Isn’t it funny that these days, we have more resources at our disposals but a lot of people now use less of their mind? People think less and consequently, do less. It matters that you have a vision.

You do not need to have a very big vision. Just a small one that would indeed keep you going. Where you are going, you might not know and that is all right. Start with a very small idea. Do not overthink it. You can start implementing your idea in your current job, your school or anywhere you currently find yourself. It is limiting to say that you would need a certain resource to achieve your dream. Start with what you have, start small.

After the idea and starting small, keep going. Be consistent. You do not need to change the world in a single day. That would take a while. Steve Jobs spent a greater part of his adulthood changing the face of Apple. Bill Gates has spent almost his entire life changing the world. It means your changing of the world would take time. But most importantly, be ready to be consistent. Consistently start small. That gives you the momentum to continue. As one of Newton’s Law of Motion states: A body at rest continues to be at rest and a body in motion continues to be in motion unless acted upon. So if you are at rest, you need to start small. If you are already in motion, you need to be consistent.

All the paths to your changing the world would not be clear at once. So you need to keep trying everything you can lay your hands upon. Failure would want to force you to stop, but remember that the people who changed the world were never quitters. If Graham Bells had given up on making the telephone, If Steve Jobs had given up on making the Macintosh, If Mark Zuckerberg had given up on making Facebook. They all might not have been successful. So you also should not be discouraged by failure.

And lastly, I am trying to make people a better version of themselves which is why I write these articles. I do not know whether it would change you or not, but I hope and pray it does.

Thanks for Reading

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