Is That The Right Thing To Do?

As kids, we exhibited some behaviors that were termed innocuous meaning harmless but looking back at such behaviors, one realizes that they are the source of some of our problems. As a kid, when you want something, you find any way to get it. You tell your parents you want ice-cream, they have to get it for you or else you turn the whole house upside down.

Few years down the lane, these few behaviors have now transformed you into a person who learns to have it his/her way or the highway. We never imagined that such small behavior would turn a person into such.

So I tell you today to look closely at whatever it is you are doing today. How much impact would that have in the years to come? How would what you are currently doing going to impact the world in the years to come? If it would not have any meaning, you should let it go and if it would cause huge problems you cannot control, it is time you re-evaluate.

Sometimes, we do not easily see the effect of what we are doing. But with conscious effort, we begin to realize and understand what we are doing. Recently, I was going through the old hip-hop music in Nigeria and realized that the immorality in the Music Industry started back then although it was not as pronounced as today. It, however, laid the ground work for almost all of the immoralities present in the music we hear today.

Ladies are seen only as sex tools for such music and knowledge and wisdom that used to be in Music has now been left to the dogs. Well, do I mean we should stop music altogether. No, what I mean is to really carefully analyze the effect of what you want to do before doing it because you do not know where your effect might be felt later.

Take, for example, the great work done by the past great leaders of any country. Whatever the current state of a country is, it is largely due to the work that was done by its past leaders either good or bad. So know that one day, you would be tagged a past leader and the effect of what you have done would be felt in the society. So choose well.

Live a life based on the Right Principles. You do not need to have everything figured out, but a little at a time is what you need. Refine your attitude and your behavior so that tomorrow, you can say with your head high you did the very best and the positive impact of what you are doing is what the world is reaping now.

I remember during my final year in the University when we were to have a party. Another set of people decided against just spending only to have a party but to have an event that would have a profound effect on the life of people. As such, visit the hospital and seminars were organized to mark our graduation. Years later, the sets that have followed are now following in the same line. That is indeed a great news.

So whatever you do today, think not only about the Short Term but the Long Term

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