It Matters That You Do It Right

Some few months ago, I was serving as a corp member and I had to teach some of my students Fractions. Fast forward to today, I am revising fractions in preparation for my GRE exams and I still remember exactly how I taught my kids proper and improper fractions, mixed fractions and so on. Woow, in such a little time, I have been able to see the effect of something I did.

That made me think that what if I never taught those kids Fractions in the best way that I could have. Two things would have happened. I would have to definitely focus and learn fractions again and the guilt of not teaching the kids very well would taunt me for the rest of my live. But I am happy that I did just the best that I could for those kids.

This is one scenario in life. Everyday, we are faced with challenges and what matters is that we solve them with all the best we have got. It does not have to be a big task before we give it our best, we simply need to give our best no matter the situation. For those at work, it does not matter whether the boss is watching you or not, give the best that you can.

It does not matter whatever task it is that you are working on, it matters that you do it right. Ensure that you have met all the standards that indeed makes whatever you are doing right. It does matter that you have contributed in making something right no matter the size. It matters that we do things the right way because we do not know what the future holds. The same thing we underestimate is what might land us in trouble tomorrow.

It does not matter that the problem was solved or not. It matters that you have looked at yourself and admitted that you gave it your best shot. That is all that matters. I would like that you look into your daily live and give the best to whatever it is that you are currently doing. It does not matter whether the effect of doing it right can be felt immediately or not.

Great countries have had people who did the best for their countries. Great people also gave it their best in whatever they became great at. It does not matter where you are right now, all that matters is that you have given it your best. So today, give your next task the best that can give. It matters that you do.

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