Making Mistakes

One of the most hated thing we do not want to do is make mistakes. Mistakes can make us look so incompetent, fearful and would like to just do nothing. Making mistakes makes us really afraid of trying to do any other thing.

But one thing I have learnt about making mistakes is that if we learn from it, we definitely become better than we were before making the mistake. Our level of fear reduces and we get better at what we made the mistake at.

It is really difficult to see people talk about the mistake that you made, laugh about it and you would wish the ground would simply swallow you. But note that your friends would definitely laugh and make jest of you, but the resolution to learn from your mistake is left to you and you alone.

We all make mistakes, its not the mistake that shapes us. Rather it is what we do after making the mistake that makes all the difference. So at work, I am afraid of making mistakes, but the more I make them, the more I become better and better and also learn how not to make the mistake again.

Learning to learn from our mistakes is one of the greatest gift we can ever have. Because we cannot really run away from making mistakes, so the best we can do is to learn from it and make sure it never happens again and learn as much as possible from our previous mistake.

Life is too short to waste it on a mistake. Learn to see mistakes as ways of validating what you think you know, rather than invalidating what you already know. By getting up every day and making mistakes and learning from them, we are definitely reducing the total number of mistakes we can ever make.

Ensure to always learn from your mistakes. Although no one is perfect, but we can always learn from our mistakes and become better

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