My Fear as a Developer

I have been programming for a few years now but I still feel like I know very little about programming. I always wish that I could think of a problem and immediately solve it without having to brainstorm over it for a long time as if I just started programming. I dream of having to code very well but every day I seem to be far away from my dreams.

It is possible I am experiencing what a lot of programmers feel. Whether that is true or not, one thing would remain for me. To always do the best I could have done in any situation. I love the feeling that I have given it all that I can. Whatever comes out of it was an output of my best input. These days, I think less about what I cannot do and try to focus more on what I can do.

Colleagues at work would definitely not be at the same level of expertise as I am but one thing is sure, they all started from the bottom and found their way to the top. It means it takes time and hard-work to finally get to a better position. Even at any position, you would still feel that you need to know more than you currently know.

So whatever the case is, the only way out is to understand that the level of development is gradual and people you are looking up to never got to the top in just one day. It took a lot of effort and hard-work. So If I am able and willing to do the same, the end would definitely better than it currently is.

These are some of the words I use to encourage myself every time I feel I do not really meet up with other colleagues. We can never all be the same, but it is important that we never remain the same person we were yesterday

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