My Statement Of Purpose — Part 1

So I was thinking of applying for graduate studies in Computer Science but after trying for a while, I am thinking of applying strictly for Software Engineering. So I would need as my requirements a Statement of Purpose and I wish you could help me read through and make your comments and observation

Being a Software Developer is about solving problems. Every single day of our lives come with different challenges and our ability to solve those challenges are what really make us happy. So this really means that Software Engineering is indeed a field that is here to stay. To solve problems require not only about solving the problem but also understanding it and thus easy to instruct the computer to do it.

As a Software Developer, I have had to solve various problems at different points in time but one of the greatest issues is solving an easy problem in a very hard way and trying very hard to even solve the wrong problem.

My reason for wanting to pursue further education in Software Engineering is to better understand how Software can better be written to solve problems. A lot of problems are already being solved, but are the ways in which they are solved the best.

After graduating with a First Class Degree in Computer Science, I was opportune to serve as an Intern at an IT firm. There, I was able to learn and see first-hand how software were developed. From the stages of Software Requirement all the way to User Acceptance Test for the Application and the Software making its impact in the society. Feedback from clients, bug fixes and so many more are some of the things I have had to do from time to time.

However, it is necessary that as I have had a little of the practical experience, I take out time to understand which ways to make the processes we follow better. To be able to have a wide range of options to choose from when designing a Software, to understand which practice is best to adopt. A lot of the ideas we use everyday as Software Developers can easily be updated to give better results.

“Rational prediction requires theory and builds knowledge through systematic revision and extension of theory based on comparison of prediction with observation. … It is an extension of application that discloses inadequacy of a theory, and need for revision, or even new theory. Again, without theory, there is nothing to revise. Without theory, experience has no meaning. Without theory, one has no questions to ask. Hence without theory, there is no learning.”

The above quote is also one of the reasons I want to seek for a theoretical approach to software development. Working practical is good, but developing some theoretical principles would go in a long way to develop our ideas and concept for growth.

I would really like to understand the theoretical concepts of Software Engineering to be able to develop better Software. It is not always about doing, it is about doing it right. My seeking the theoretical approach is to understand how best to do what I am currently doing.


This is the first draft of my statement of purpose and I would love your input before submitting

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