What Have You Done About It?

It is easy. Isn’t it. To simply see a problem and talk about it. It is very easy to see a problem, discuss the problem, sometimes discuss solutions but never do anything about it. Every day, we encounter problems, but our response to these problems is what is most important.

In our relationship, work-life and everyday endeavor, we face different problems, but the most important thing is the way we respond to the problems. We should sometimes take a few minutes to analyze our problems and determine what would happen if we looked at the problem from a different perspective. What if we looked at the problem through a different lens? We sometimes believe the problem is from another source but when looked at critically, we are sometimes a part of the problem rather than the solution. Because come to think of it, if you are not part of the solution, then where are you? Well, I would leave you to answer that question.

It is important that we look at the problems around us in a much better perspective. If your colleague at work is irresponsible, If your job is not as interesting as you want it, if your life is not as you want it, what have you done about it? Stop blaming the situation on the economic situation, your past or anything. What have you done today that would help eliminate the problem? If you are not doing anything about it, it is time you start.

Because if you do not start, you would one day regret inaction when another person implements all those actions you so much talked about and did nothing about. You should always not look at the problem from a very big perspective, start small and keep going. All that matters is that you start. When you start, better ways of fixing the problem would come up.

Always think win-win. Whatever the situation is, think about how you and the other person can come out as winners in the end. It does not matter what the current situation is, always find a way to make it better. The people who have succeeded in life are the ones that have been able to fix other people’s problem. Well, those that have caused more problems than they can solve are nowhere to be found. It is okay that there are problems, but how we fix or handle them is the most important thing.

Next time when you want to complain about a problem, ask yourself first “What Have I Done About It?”

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