What Is Your Contribution To Life?

I mean what precisely do you think your purpose on Earth is? Most people are carried away by the trivial issues of life that we miss out on the very most important stuffs. What contribution are we making to this planet? How would we show that we were here someday? Is it all about making money and enjoying the little time we spend here. Or can we do more? Can we be more? I am indeed certain that the answer is obvious. We can do more and indeed be more.

But how precisely can we do that? Our paths on this Earth is different so we may not follow the same way to make the world better. Some people choose to use their voice, some use their physical strengths and some others use knowledge and any other means that is possible. But what are you using to make the world better. The size of what you do does not matter. All that matters is that you set a good intention and purpose to the task at hand. People ask if helping people would provide for your needs. Well, the answer is simple. Have people who did great for this world ever regretted doing it because they never had anything to eat? Focus on the most important issues and the trivial issues would always take care of itself.

All that matters is that you set your intentions straight. In whatever you are doing, ensure you give your best to it. This way you set records for newer generations to come. You simply break barriers for them. Barriers they never thought were ever possible. In whatever field of life you choose, choose excellence. That is one way to contribute.

Also ensure that morality is held in high standard in your activities. Integrity is one of the greatest path of life we all can follow. In whatever we do, let our word be of high esteem. It does not matter whether people would like us or not. Remember that those people who would like you for doing a bad thing never had you in mind. All they care about is their mouth.

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