What Is Your Greatest Strength?

Abdul Azeez
Jul 19, 2018 · 2 min read

We face challenges every day and it sometimes weighs us down. We are so down that we sometimes feel it is not possible to proceed. However, the only thing I have realized is that no matter how good we become in anything we do, challenges would still come. It seems as if challenges have been wired into almost any task we want to embark on.

Probably challenges are what makes the distinction between the good and the bad guys. Was just wondering if everything was easy, everyone would have done it and it probably would not have made sense. So it matters that challenges are present to separate the good from the bad. So when you face challenges, realize that it is a process to determine whether you are among the good or the bad guys.

When you face challenges, look at where your strengths are and focus on that. The more we focus on the areas we cannot control, the more we seem to lose control of the situation. But when we focus on our strengths, the weakness, in the end, becomes so little that it does not matter anymore. What you focus on materializes. That is the key.

So if you want greatness to manifest in you, focus on the areas where you can achieve greatness. No matter how much we complain about our situation, someone is thriving in that situation. So it means again that the situation is not the most determinant factor. Our focus is.

So ask yourself today what your strength is and focus on it. It would not be easy, realize that the challenges are what makes you stronger and better. So look to challenges as a way to find out what your strengths are. Look at your focus and never look back. Focus on your strengths.

Ask yourself today what your strengths are and follow it. Thanks and God Bless.

Abdul Azeez

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