When You are Angry, Be Silent

Sometimes I just want to rant and say exactly what I have in mind. But one thing I am always grateful for is never responding to any issue when I am angry. Right there when I am angry, I feel like letting myself loose and doing whatever it is that comes to my mind. However, never have I regretted not taking any action when angry.

When we are angry, feelings flow around and we want to pass ours around too. However, these are the moments when we should bottle up whatever it is we are feeling and leave it for later. However, we are humans, so we cannot always achieve this. For the moments when we can, I believe we should give our very best in being silent.

When I am angry, I sometimes just move away from the situation causing the anger. It might be a burnt meal or something like that. Moving away gives us the ability to see the whole scenario from another perspective.

One other thing I do when I am angry is to write about it. When writing, you can let out your emotions without hurting anyone. Write on a piece of paper, write a post or something, but never publish it in your times of anger. Keep it in your draft and leave it there, when you are no more angry, you can edit it and publish it.

Also, try as much to prevent a situation from repeating itself. If a person offended you, in your calm moments, talk to the person about the things that make you flare up. It takes a lot of practice to be able to get hold of our anger, but with time and practice, it gets done.

Make an effort today to be better at managing your anger in any situation. Thanks very much for Reading.

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