When You Want To Quit Programming

Programming is fun, programming is sweet, programming is easy. These are comments you receive or give on the days when you feel the vibe and love of programming. On days when things get really awkward, you feel like giving up and just going back to your room and sleeping. And sleeping forever.

The act of programming is never getting the solution every single time although that is what you want to feel every time.

It is about trying to never give up every single day when you feel like giving up. It is about making a new resolution to try programming again tomorrow even if you did not get it right away. I believe the key to becoming better at programming is knowing that some days would be bad and some days would be good. But never let the bad days decide what you finally become. Who you would become is greatly dependent on what you do on your bad days towards making it a good day.

Never let your bad days get the best of you

Everyday is what we make it. You decision to make it good or bad depends on you. It would always want to be bad but if you try just one more time, I believe you can change the result. Programming is fun and easy only at the end. If it is not fun and easy, you are not at the end. You are likely at the first chapter of the problem. The first chapters are always easy to read and gives you a fine rush to continue reading. However, right into the book, in the middle, you feel like dropping the book. But if you endeavor to keep up reading, you would soon get to the other end where everything is nice and fun.

Before you give up today, kindly take a minute to try not quitting. Know that everyday comes with its own lessons. You just learnt for today. Nothing lasts for long even your finest code. Enjoy the good days and endeavor to persist in the bad days. They all don’t last for long

Thanks for Reading