Writing a CV as a Programmer

So I just received a mail from my boss to submit my CV. Well, one can simply check online and submit something. Yes you can, but writing a CV as a programmer is kind of different from writing a normal CV. This is not the type of CV where the school you went to is what is most interesting or the grade you graduated with. Well, they kind of matter, but what is most important is what you can do or what you have done.

A brief description of your name and your contact info is basically okay at the beginning. Then you start providing information about what and where you have made a difference. Your GitHub, LinkedIn and lots more are the type of contact information that wants to be seen in your CV. Provided you have worked on a lot of projects, then it is simply easy to provide a brief description of those projects. But however, if you do not have a resounding previous work experience, there are a lot of other interesting things you can add. So what can I add?

Provide first your best academic achievements. Endeavor to write very briefly about your grade if you really have a strong grade from school. Your previous work experience in whatever little business or organization is necessary. Endeavor to use less fancy text in your CV as programmers are not really trilled by the fanciness of your CV but the fanciness of what you can do.

A lot of things about CV is that there are a lot of things to not add to your CV but very few things. Do not provide a lot of history about who you are, your ancestral history is really not needed. What you look like is not an option, kindly remove those. It is far better to have a small CV than a bunch of unnecessary information on a piece of paper.

Provide information that shows that you have the zeal to succeed even if you have not yet had any opportunity as doing any thing big. Always remember, all it takes is one silly mistake to get your CV in the trashcan. Endeavor to prevent that as much as possible. Review and always review your CV before you send it out to anyone anywhere.

Take more courses online, try to get more certificates and a bit of what makes you better is all it takes to have a better CV. Write more on special websites, do more on free websites and I believe the impact of what you can do is all a CV wants to show the world.

Thanks for Reading