Dog People vs Cat People

Who Would Win?

Human beings like to categorize things.

We like to put the world in order in our minds, even if in reality those categories don’t exist at all.

An example of this is cat people and dog people:

Other than a few exceptions, people consider themselves either a cat person or a dog person, and associate characteristics with each group that they generalize to everyone.

A bigger group, being an animal person, doesn’t even exist in their minds because it doesn’t put the world in enough order.

The thing I want to focus on is this need to make sense of the world and to put labels on things, which gives a false sense of security.

Knowing the truth about life is the real security, not living in fabricated fantasies.

The reality is: life is a lot more simple and a lot more random than we expect.

There are animals, some of them happen to be cats and others happen to be dogs, and each individual one has its own personality, and some people happen to have grown up liking a specific kind of pet so they stuck with that habit.

So, in life, we’re all doing things that we started on when we were young and kept at it, most of it was not out of premeditated plans we’ve made.

And we all make mistakes, we all angry each other, then we mature and learn to forgive each other.

Yes, the ideas in this post are disorganized, but that’s how life is.

So learn to see the truth behind the illusion.