The Circadian Siesta Productivity Solution

If you don’t do it willingly, it will force itself upon you…

The map is not the territory.

And one of the most common human errors is expecting to behave and be as consistent as a machine.

Forgetting that that “intensity” and non-stop work that machines do come at a price: machines have a life expectancy that is a fraction of that of an average human being.

Really, when did you ever hear of a machine that stayed working for 80 years non stop like a human being can?

So, knowing this, we can face a very basic error: people expect to have a constant and consistent level of energy all day long, and if not, they blame it on junk food or age or some other reason.

The thing is, yes, those factors make a big difference.

But the biggest problem is that human beings are nostalgic: we almost always remember the past as more positive than it really is.

It may be hard for you to imagine this, but when you were a kid, you didn’t have a full tank of energy all day.

Yes, you got tired, a lot. But you just did not care or make a big deal out of it like an adult does, nor did you try to “medicate” it with coffee.

If you were tired as a kid, you just slept. You see children all the time sleeping in cars, metros, supermarkets, etc.

It’s part of human biology to have a circadian rhythm: that your level of energy will fluctuate throughout the day.

At some hours of the day, you’ll be full of energy.

At other hours, you will crash even if you didn’t take any coffee.

Accept it, and be smart about it.

So how can you be smart about it?

It’s with the long LONG human tradition of siesta — or taking a nap.

Tired? Take a time-out, go rest or sleep for half an hour or so.

Then, you will have extra energy for the rest of the day, because if you fight it, you’re only digging the hole of tiredness even deeper.

Respect your body, and it will respect you back.

Sometimes, this means to stop pushing yourself extra hard, and to just go take a nap.

…enjoy being human. :)

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