The Fourth Quadrant of Human Growth: The Inevitable Inconsistency Inside…

Know Thyself…

Today’s topic is a bit deep, so if you prefer “lighter” subjects, it’s okay: you can come back another day, I’ll still be here for you. :)

Let’s go:

To think more consciously about life, you’ll realize that there are 4 “quadrants” to your experience:

* There is what you do tothe outside world.
* There is what you do inside yourself (thought, meditation, NLP, psychotherapy etc)
* There is what happens to you in the outside world
* And finally, there is what happens to you inside.

I’m going to focus on the last type of experience, which is something nobody else seems to be talking about.

As you live your life, you’ll experience a wide range of emotions. And it’s a lot less “consistent” than you think.

In similar experiences, you’ll have days when you’re ON, and days when nothing is going your way; sometimes you’ll feel courageous, and other times you’ll feel scared without knowing why; sometimes you’ll feel stressed out, and other times very chilled out and care-free even in the face of a stressful experience.

Okay… so what?

Well, there is something almost “magical” that happens when you’re aware and “awake” during those experiences.

The more aware you are of how your body feels, how your emotions behave, and what’s going on inside you during the days you’re ON, the times you feel unexplained courage or unwarranted calm, the more you’ll be able to control that and make it happen “on command”.

The first step to this is to actually realize it happens in the first place, so you wait for it.

And the second step is to stay aware during it and not get distracted by everything else in life that is vying for your attention.

If you do, you’ll achieve the ancient ideal of “know thyself”.

I’ll stop it here so it won’t get too heavy.

Let me know what you think below.