The Importance of Paying Your Dues…

Pay your dues!

Unless out of inheritance or sheer luck — which are very rare — in this life what you get is proportional to the effort you put out.

If you put in 1 hour of effort, you get 1 hour’s reward. If you put in 100 hours, you get 100 hours’ worth of rewards. And if you put in a life-time, you get rewards all your life.

However, human beings expect there to not only be a short-cut to success, but to find a way that is magical, easy and effortless to get everything they want out of life.

We want to have our cake and eat it too: to sit on the sofa all day watching sports and have our bank accounts fill to the brim with mounds of cash.

It just ain’t so.

Whatever your goal is, whatever what you want out of life: wealth, success, popularity, satisfaction, freedom, etc. there is always the same first step to get there…

What’s that first step, you may ask?

It’s paying you dues: start putting in the effort right away.

Because effort, work, and facing obstacles is the price you pay to get life’s rewards.

Nothing is free in this life. That’s the “obvious secret”.

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