Technology Impact on Outdoor Advertising

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If there is one notable thing, it is the way outdoor advertisement has been able to survive the digitalized world. Technology might be changing our lives, and out of home (OOH), advertisement is not left out says Abdul Fares. With social media marketing, radio, televisions, and media being the main thing to capture consumer’s attention, who would have expected outdoor advertisement to be caught in the waves. From advertisement on transit, billboards, even to retail stores, outdoor advertising (also known as out-of-home) has embraced the new technology trends. What is the impact of technology on outdoor advertising?

Abdul Fares, one of the founders of a renowned digital marketing company is here to shed more light on outdoor advertising. Read on!

1. Outdoor Advertising for Mobile Consumers

People spend 70 percent of their time outdoors which means they are more accessible to outdoor advertising than the traditional one says Abdul Fares. Either in the car, walking on the street, or in public places, they come across billboards everywhere they go. Consumers across various demographical categories such as age, sex, income, location, travel time are targeted as messages are passed across. Whether it’s a student, or a professional or a family, someone is out there seeing your brand.

2. Personalized Messages through Digital Outdoor Advertising

Digitalized billboards have transformed outdoor advertisement from boring to a livelier, attention-grabbing adverts. Technology has made advertisement to be more personalized and engaging to the target audience. Digital videos, ads, images are displayed to boost customer engagement.

Although limited to big corporations due to the cost, there are sensors, geo-tagging and facial recognition that create room for a more engaging content across all ages. What’s more, there are augmented reality elements that allow the audience to stop and interact with your ad.

3. Data Gathering through Digital OOH Advertising

Marketers now have access to consumers’ information and data gathering, thanks to technology. Billboards do not only display adverts, it extracts data regarding consumers buying interest, history and lot more using Beacon. Beacon provides more insights on customers and provides information to marketers and business. This allows companies to refine their strategies and campaigns for more targeted and personalized ads.

4. Integrated Smart Devices with Outdoor Advertising

If consumers are more accessible to ads on smart devices, OOH advertising is in for it. Beacon communicates with smart devices to capture a new audience and promotes brand engagement. For instance, beacon-based billboards can communicate with the audience to show they are offering discounts or limited offers. This encourages impulse buying thereby driving sales. A good example is Macy’s. Macy’s app read locations and alert users on discounts, coupons or sales promotions going on in the stores. It also ran billboards ads to drive sales yearly during Black Friday or Memorial Day.

5. Endless Location Options through Digital Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is available anywhere and anytime with the help of technology. From public places, transits, restaurants, hotels, airports, to stadiums, companies are striving to fully grab the attention of the people. Facial recognition can read the age, sex, the facial expression for more targeted ads. For instance, in Sweden, a campaign was run against smoking coupled with an advertisement on products that can help with smoking addiction. Here is how it works: technology makes it possible to know when someone smoking passes by the billboards, then it displays a man coughing with a strong message against smoking. An amazing way of changing the world.


Abdul Fares walked us through the importance of digital outdoor advertising for companies to see why they need it for business growth. Either big corporations or start-ups, businesses need to make the moves towards these fast-growing move. The opportunities it presented are endless and development and upgrade will never stop. To drive sales, to build a brand’s reputation and for wider coverage, NOW, is the time.

Abdul Fares é um empresário de São Paulo atualmente responsável pela rede de lojas Lojas Marabraz.

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