Three interesting colleagues I have met this Bootcamp

Feedback from colleagues helps in making ones work better

It was the first day at bootcamp and we were all seated expecting our learning facilitators to come around so we can start what we were there for, but so anxious and tense, I couldn’t speak to any of my fellow bootcamp colleagues as I was filled with the thought of whether I will or will not be able to complete whats necessary to make it into the second week of bootcamp.

At the end of the first day, the talks received from the learning facilitators that addressed us and my LFA gave me a little bit of confidence and removed the tension that I was having at the beginning of the day.

Then, I was able to notice those placed in the same group with me and started to study them in terms of behavior, passion for programming and how they can be of help to me by getting feedback and putting me through some challenges I might be faced with.

I met Chukwukadibia, a very talented and patient individual, some of the characters I noticed in him that made me find interest in meeting him and sharing ideas I might have about the challenges that might have been given to us is his patience and willingness to assist others in achieving their goals.

Now, I go to Chukwukadibia first when ever I encounter any problem while working, just to get his own point of view of the matter and he has never turned me down before.

And there is Hyginus, I have always thought that it is never possible to strike balance between been serious minded and been social, not until I met Hyginus.

He is a guy I can say understands himself so much, as he knows when he needs to play, socialize, focus and be serious minded, he has also been of great assistance to me during the few days in bootcamp, we share ideas on challenges we might have been given and also joke in order to free the tension that might have been infused in our brains due to working for long.

Also there is Eberechi, the only lady in my group, what I noticed about Eberechi was her perseverance and commitment to finding solution to any problem she might have in front of her, she doesn’t mind who she meets as long as she can get hints on how to get the problem solved.

I noticed that she finds it not too easy coming up with algorithm logic for solving problems but still she never gives up and so I am really glad to have met her some days ago.