School Experience

When we talk about theory, it is really easy. How about the real condition? Sometimes it is really hard to implement the theory in the practice. That is one of the reason for Sampoerna University to have School Experience Program (SEP). This program send the student to the school to have learning experience from the teacher. This program is actually for faculty of education, but the campus let me t join this program. As student from faculty of science and technology, I really happy to have this program with them.

This SEP goal for this time is to know whether the school is apply the problem solving or not in their learning process. Problem solving is to let the student explore by themselves without the teacher directly give the way on the problem. When I was in this program, the teacher was preparing the final result for the report of the student performance. The teacher just give an assignment for the student to do it by them self without any help from the teacher (the student still could ask help when they not understand). I could see some problem is applied the problem solving and some is not. When we have interviewing the teacher said that they use problem solving in their learning process. The reason is that it makes the student to have deeper understanding of the subject. The most interesting from the school that I visit is that their student. The student is not only “normal student”. There were some student who need more attention from the teacher. The teacher should know the best learning process to make them understand in the learning process.

From all activities, I could see that learning process could help a lot for the student in their learning process. This give them deep understanding about the subject. In addition, what I get from the teacher in that class was learning process is more important rather than final result of the learning.