A brief story of me regarding my friends

To know yourself is very necessary and learn how to behave with others. This practice makes me aware what I am in reality and realizes me how bad and good I am. The stories that which my friends told me that I am a man of broken relations and not as good as I am. To make myself better, I should not only be able to remove my weakness but also learn how the world is. The place where I am living with people of the different communities and different provinces are living here. I should meet them and learn about the good etiquette of the company.
I also know many things which are good in me taking feedback from my siblings and friends. Face to face interactions also provide me many useful things about me. In this modern era, no one is ready to give time to others. Time is the things to achieve their goals. I learnt that people of this era are not busy but they make themselves busy when someone ask for help. All the relations of this material world is based on benefits and true relationships are not found.
Why is it difficult of find a good friend difficult in this modern era? The reality is that only that person likes to make friend you who is selfish and need your help. If you want to judge them by saying any favor they will be reluctant and unnecessary tarry will take place.
In a nutshell, I learnt that I should be careful by making others friends or including into my network and help others not for some benefits but for the happiness of Allah.