A simple way to win hearts

Learning Names

The crux of the book is that average people like that someone has remembered their names and this is an honour for them. Therefore, learning names in true sense needs work hard.

It is hard to remember the names due to long names or sometimes misspelled the names and this thing brings shame for us. Giving names of other people likeness also creates love and good omen.

They people who do not like to remember the names of the people due to lack of interest or energy, they make lame excuses of being busy. In this world, there are a lot of places with the names of great people and they are remembered for these things and this thing has a great importance. But they are no busier than Mr. Roosevelt.

The story behind remembering the names is to feel the people important and comfortable.

Better way to remember the name is to write them call them lonely for a few times and fix in the mind with the appearance. The name of a person spoken with a good and melodious voices also attracts the people.