How to ask questions from Employer?

This experience is great. This is true I am little bit lazy and always wanted to release myself from the burden of load but right now, I felt so much engaged myself in thinking and answering these questions that I felt this is a great challenge for me. After thinking the questions and then writing and keeping the criteria in mind was very interesting and lovable.

I loved this work and I hoped that you have also loved this work because this is a lovable and engage able task. I have also completed many exercises and completed many tasks but this was interesting. Some of my thoughtful questions are as follows and hope that you will like and improve them with your great abilitites

I will ask

1.Which skills and experience will make a candidate the best fit for the job?

a) I want to know what are the goals of success in this organization

b) I want to know that how can I make myself better than others

c)I want to show my interest in the organization

2. What is the largest challenge you faced in the current staff and would I be appropriate to solve some problems in the current scenario?

a) I want to know the current problems and make myself better than the existing employees

b) I want to know the solution to solve the problems existing in the current staff

c) I want to be make myself alert from the existing problems which can occur

3. What do you expect the most from the employees?

a) I want to know their expectations

b) I want to make myself fit for the expectations

c) I want to know about their standards

3. Do you provide further training and education regarding the job?

a) I want to know that how can they train their candidates

b) I want to improve myself

c) I want to know their training procedure

4. Can you tell the about the team with which I will work?

a) I am interested to know about the abilities of other peoples

b) I am interested to work with them and show my zeal

c) I want to know how will I make them my friends