Informational Interview


My teacher provided me very good information regarding this matter. I personally visited him and asked him questions about myself. I did not compel him for job but seeing experience and knowledge he offered me a job.

I can work in his college from the next session and according to him I am very good in teaching and beside this in management. I will be good in a factory and company which will regard my effort.

I asked him about the job scenario in Pakistan. The scenario in Pakistan is not good. Students want to get the job according to their standard but unfortunately fail to do so.

On my questions, how can a person get job easily? The best response was that by working hard and competing in the job market. Make yourself as knowledgeable as you can and try hard to build good relations with others who will help you to achieve your goal.

As in this word, the need of the right person can make you successful. And making a good network will ease for you in future. If you help others, others will help you.

On my question, which types of books is necessary for my success? The answer as you are big enough think about the job and get the relevant book to get the job.

The things I learnt from this interview is that I should be very careful and keep with me the hardworking and assiduous behavior.