The Resistance Between You And Success.

If you are sick of Procrastination and want to stop it then this article is dedicated to you! One More thing, in the following articles I will just keep it simple and will try to not use any difficult scientific terms.

This article will discuss:

· Why do we procrastinate?

· How dopamine is connected to procrastination?

· Dopamine Detox and Procrastination

· Solution of Procrastination?


Procrastination is the delaying of a certain task to its deadline. It may also be Defined As “The Resistance between you and success”. You know if you are going to study at least 3-hours a day consistently you will be securing top Grades in your exams. Instead, you will hop onto your Gaming Chair and Say “I’ll Study Tomorrow” and we all know tomorrow never comes.

According To Darius Foroux Around 88% of Workers Procrastinate.

Why do we procrastinate?

The scientist has described various reasons behind Procrastination and it varies from Person to Person. Here I will discuss a few of them.

When The Task is Unpleasant:

Most of the time we avoid doing a task when It Feels Kind Of Boring or hard, Of Course Studying, is uninteresting and Tough. It Sucks.

Is It Related To genetics?

Yes, It’s True. Research conducted in 2014 revealed that the Behavior Of Procrastination and impulsivity is to some extent related to genes. But It can be prevented through simple methods which we will discuss later in the article.

Low Self Esteem:

Research Says That Procrastination is related to Low Self-Esteem. It happens when one is not confident enough in his abilities that he/she will be able to perform a certain task. Thus this Results in delaying or avoiding the task.

Environment and Procrastination:

A study conducted in 2017 showed that Procrastination has also little to do with the Environment. Students were more likely to delay their Assignments in a Procrastination-friendly Environment. Although the student who doesn’t procrastinate much had little to no impact from the environment

Dopamine and Procrastination:

Dopamine is a Natural “Reward System” that is installed in your brain. It helps you keep motivated, happy, and energetic.

Dopamine makes us feel pleasure from the certain activities that we need to do for our survival. But Too much of anything is harmful to our body and unlike anything they should be at a balanced level else it will make you suffer. Dopamine Is Also responsible for developing an addiction.

Procrastination is related to the release of dopamine. Whenever you have an assignment or some sort of work approaching its deadline, your brain always prefers to do something which makes you feel good about that certain difficult task, for example, you hop onto your gaming chair to play a video game and you delay your task because the dopamine is constantly rewarding you on doing the things you like!

Solution of Procrastination:

Scientists have also described effective solutions for controlling this habit of Procrastination. I will be discussing with you a few of them that I use as an escape from procrastination.

Dopamine Detox:

Studies have also claimed that it helps increase Productivity. Dopamine Detox is the practice to leave all activities that trigger excessive dopamine, for some days. The activities Releasing a huge amount of dopamine includes Eating sweets, Use of Social Media, Listening to music, Watching Tv series, and Watching p*rn. The person performing a Dopamine Detox has to set alternatives to all these activities.

· Instead Of Eating Unhealthy Sweets, Eat Healthy Fruits.

· Instead Of Scrolling Facebook or Instagram, Read a book.

· Instead of Watching P*rn, use your energy is doing some Exercises.

Dopamine Detox Is Indeed a Challenging Task but It helps avoid procrastination and it boosts your productivity. Dopamine detox was a game changer for me.

Time Table:

Research Conducted on Undergraduate Students in 2019 showed that the Students Who managed their time properly were securing a good GPA as compared to the students who were not.

Making a timetable or a TO-DO List helps you manage your time. When you wake up and you have created a Time Table for the Day then you know what you need to do at a certain time. But if you don’t create a To-Do List Then you got no idea how are you going to spend your day. It’s a whole Mess.

A fact that is need to be acknowledged is that many people run away from creating A Time Table just because they think they won’t be able to follow it properly. The Reality is nobody follows the Time table properly. Time Table is Like a Straight Line and you have to TRY your best to keep up with it, Sometimes you will fail, and fall but it’s FINE!!

5-minute Focus Rule:

Another way that studies have shown to beat the “I’ll Do Later” is the 5-minute focus rule.

If you find a task to be unpleasant, boring, or difficult just force yourself by saying “I will just do It For 5-Minutes” and Eventually you will stay committed to that task for a longer time or maybe until the task is finished.


Procrastination is Human Natural Behavior. Everyone does it to some extent and It is Highly Treatable Through some simple methods proven by the scientist. Just don’t let it be a barrier between you and your success. Just be consistent in achieving your ambitions and consume good content because “You Are What You Consume”. Have A Great Day



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