5 Major Impacts of Technology on the Food Industry

Domino’s Home Delivery Robot

Technology has completely transformed human life in the last century. And of course, we can see the consequences on the food industry too. It is highly contributing to food’s journey from the farm to the fork. We are on our way to going properly digital.

The food industry has become so massive that it has now become more complicated to deal with a large supply chain and perfectly satisfy the customer. That’s the reason, our engineers and developers are burning the midnight oil so that they can provide more helping gadgets and tools to our food and beverages operations. This blog is all about the most promising applications, robotics, and innovation.

Becoming More Sustainable

As we all know that environmental sustainability is highly considered these days in every department of life. Technology and advancement have enabled us to adopt various sustainable activities. In the commercial food service operations particularly, now we can reduce waste with modern equipment. The use of Rainwater Reuse Systems and Energy Management Systems are the best examples of it.

Extended Food Production

Technology is having an essential role in food production. It is nearly impossible without technology to produce enough food for the population. Biologists have developed Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) to increase the yield. Drones are used by farmers to monitor their crops.

Upgraded Food Storage

We are currently completely ready to safeguard food and burn through it whenever we need it, Thanks to innovation and technology. In the most recent storage regions, every single factor, for example, temperature, stickiness, humidity, and oxygen level are dealt with by computerized screens. These are monitored 24/7.

The Emergence of Robotics and Automation

Robots and machines are helping us in everything. Manufacturing, Sorting, Packaging and Storing are performed automatically by machines. Robotic hands are installed in slaughterhouses to fine cut the bones and flesh. Even Domino’s Pizza has developed a robot that delivers pizza at your home. Amazon.com has also created drones for delivering packages.

Innovation in Restaurants

Self-ordering Kiosks and handheld ordering devices have been manufactured. Mobile Applications and Websites have been developed to make the ordering process quite easy. Point-of-Sale Systems are installed in commercial foodservice operations that have outdated manual cashier assistance.




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