Leadrex; the secret of my business

It results to nothing but fight between me and them, this is because it seems that they are just making money out of me. And everytime I complain to them they have no fear and even have the guts to tell me that they are doing my work. I don’t have time to follow up I don’t have time for tv I don’t have the time for radio even my family have been complaining that these days I work very hard which do not show any sign of progress.
What do I do now, keep worrying about the bank loan or the house rent because it has come to the end of the year and the landlord is already sending warning to me that he will not tolerate what I did to him last time.
On the other hand, I had a very good neighbour of mine mr francis that has bought a new car, open two new shops and bought to his daughter a new smartphone that worth a lot of dollars. I think he have to share with me a bit from the secret of his success.
He opened his mouth confidently and told me that the secret behind my success is "the leadrex platform". He added "I no longer set aside plenty of money for advertisement, guess what? I used an online platform which is faster reliable more transparent and cost just a little money."
What is the leadrex paltform?
The leadrex paltform is a decentralized market place that aim at changing the advertisement strategies the that which is more beneficial and easier to both customer and the seller creating hope to hopeless small scale business owners and large scale that are in the run to promote their market.
As a business owner, you make your own banner with the assistant of the designers if banners of the platform containing all information about your business and you and you forward it today internet marketing department in the platform. They then edit it , make some corrections and forward it to the online marketers in the platform. Using their artificial technologies, Customers can now see your shop online the content of all you sell and they can place order right online, this is very exciting and much more earlier than the traditional methods.
An advantage of the platform is that, they have a CRM system that a business man can use in collection of customers database . And Also have the API that provide two way intergration of leadrex platform with other activities.
It has been 6 months now that I invest in the platform I’m already reaping what I sow. I invested using the LDX token which the token designed by the platform for it’s full time functionality.
Moreover, the platform was developed on the principle of decentralization based on etherium and enecuun technologies.
Schedule of the token generation event;
presale;11-5-2018 to 1-6-2018
Pre ICO; 2-06-2018 to 23-06-2018
1st round of ICO;24-06-2018 to 15-07-2018
2nd round of ICO;16-07-2018 to 8-7-2018
3rd round of ICO;7-08-2018 to 28-08-2018
For more information visit;
website; https://leadrex.io/
Ann thread; https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3980476
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