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Americans have little understanding of how barbarically oppressive Islam is because they’ve never lived as a Christian or other religious minority in a Muslim nation like I have. My family is Coptic Christian and we had to flee our native Egypt because of all the beatings and church burnings we endured.

Islam is a barbaric religion because Muhammad was a violent warlord who slaughtered “infidels” by the thousands and converted many to Islam BY THE SWORD. Muhammad’s most devout followers today follow his barbaric, bloody example.

There are many peaceful and decent Muslims, but they are peaceful and decent IN SPITE OF ISLAM, not because of it. Moderate Muslims do not speak out often against Islamic terrorists because the “radical extremists” know the Quran much better than they do.

The Quran is a WAR MANUAL with more text about hating and KILLING Jews than Hitler’s “Mein Kampf”:
“The amount of anti-Jewish text in Mein Kampf adds up to 7% in total, whilst the largely non-abrograted Medinan verses of the Qur’an contain more than double that amount, standing at almost 17%.”

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