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The mere fact that Dems are willing to sacrifice the millions of centrist Democrat votes that cost them the 2016 election by selecting a well-documented NOI supporter proves that they learned NOTHING from this election. Ellison has a tainted past and CLOSE associations with NOI before he ran for US Congress in 2006 and Republicans are praying that Keith X Ellison gets the nod: “ “Having spoken out over many years as an advocate of the Nation of Islam under guises including Keith Hakim, Keith X Ellison, and Keith Ellison-Muhammad. His recent account of the nature and extent of his relationship with the Nation of Islam cannot be squared with the public record.

Ellison himself was the purveyor of the Nation of Islam’s noxious party line in his every public utterance touching on related issues over the course of a decade. Moreover, Ellison’s unsavory associations were not limited to the Nation of Islam.

Perhaps the lowest moment in Minneapolis’s history was the September 1992 execution-style murder of police officer Jerry Haaf. Haaf was shot in the back as he took a coffee break at a restaurant in south Minneapolis.

Ellison publicly supported the Haaf murder defendants. In February 1993, he spoke at a demonstration for one of them during his trial. Ellison led the crowd assembled at the courthouse in a chant that was ominous in the context of Haaf’s cold-blooded murder: ‘We don’t get no justice, you don’t get no peace.”

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