I have respect for every single people on the earth. But when it came to an incident or accident or a person’s character, everyone has a poor judgmental mind. Take an example of people’s reactions on another wrong or good doings. Its very common that we people judge others in a very short period of time. Its a very bad thing to judge others. Its not in our religion also, religion doesn’t permit us to judge others. But its in our blood to judge other people. Try to not judge anyone and let us see ourselves that how our thinking has changed.

In our day to day lives we saw different things at different times. In between these different things there are many criminal activities, good activities and many more activities. Again take an example of people convicted murderer or something in court. But we have to provide valid proof to make the things go in correct way. Then what is point of taking oath of any holy books. Specially in India no one believes anyone’s word. We have seen in bollywood movies that people are taking bribe to be a witness. They are not afraid of anything whether they are telling the truth or not. So there is no point of taking oath. And if you are telling the truth, you you have to provide valid proof. Atlast judgement are made through valid proofs. So its an insult to holy books that you are taking oath and no one is believing you that means no one believes in holy books.

Like this there are many more cases. Another example if a person claims that he is a good person, his character is good and believe him. Most people will thought twice before believing him and that particular person may have to show some proof of his good deeds. But if a person claims that he is a bad person probably everyone will believe him within no seconds and they will have no doubt or has second thoughts about him of being a good person. Also they will pass judgement. So this is our judgmental society. My advice is to stop being so judgmental and live a relax life. No oneis pressuring you to take all the responsibilities. And try to help needy people.

This is my first publication. So sorry if I am telling something wrong. And comment please so that I can improve myself.