Kala — Chaiwala

An Inspiring entrepreneurial example…!!!

Over the past decade, start-ups have earned an extensive fame and revolutionized the market pool. Numerous institutions have been inaugurated to support start-ups and many universities have introduced the entrepreneurship centers and programs where the emerging entrepreneurs can nurture their potential and flourish with their own ventures.

Dr. Younas, Founder of Grameen Bank has contributed extraordinarily well in building the start-up mindset and enabling underprivileged people for initiating their own ventures irrespective of the size or the volume of the business. The focal point if interest in Grameen’s stakeholders is that most of them aren’t literate and they run typical businesses but “their own”. So, we came to know that it is not necessary that every entrepreneur must be literate and learned up to a specific standard in order to start or run a business.

Few days ago, I was passing through an area in Lahore and all of a sudden I came across a team of people wearing yellow branded hoodies branded with “Kala — Chai Wala”, carrying air tight thermos filled with traditional “Doodh Patti” and each of the team member is taking round on the shops serving tea at their shop steps.

This “Kala — Chai Wala” owns a small typical hotel at road side where he only serves Karak Chai, Doodh Patti and items related to this category and his tea stall caters customers till late at night. Even if you go at 2 am or 3 am you will have to wait for 20–30 mins to get a single cup of tea.

Observing his team and experiencing and his strategy to optimize his market share, I am convinced that entrepreneurs have no boundaries or require any specific skill set. They just need a solid belief, urge to accomplish dreams and have potential to embrace failures and learning from them.

Being learned, educated, literate, professional and all other titles I am carrying after working over half a decade, I am thrilled to believe that when you have belief and passion and invest all your efforts towards making a difference, everything in the universe facilitates you to become a man of your own vision.

Let’s not forget the motivations around us, you never know a Chai-Wala or Sabzi Wala may give you the strength to believe on your potential and inspires you to aspire big…!!!