React Native + Redux

Why Need State Management in React Native App?

One might wonder why global state management is required in a React Native application? Before answering this question, let us analyze the problem. The React Native technology is based upon the React Component Tree. A component gets the data from its parent component in the form of “props” and can hold its local “state”. The props can only be trickled down from the parent to the child and there is no convenient way to pass the data from the child to the parent component.

The vulnerability of using Rest API in mobile applications

When the websites in the browser make a call to REST API, the server can identify and respond to the unauthorized calls very easily. There is a security mechanism developed in the HTTP called CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) policy which is responsible for the identification of any unauthorized access to the resources living in the backend server. This security feature makes sure that the request is coming from a trusted origin only. In other words, any website A cannot have access to the REST API of website B. …

Abdullah Liaqat

Software Engineer

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