I broke up with FOOD!

So I decided not to eat again!

The story began when I was born since the relationship started, if you are close enough to me you will know how much we loved each other..
Food was not only feeding my body but my soul as well..
As said “Food is the only beautiful thing that truly nourishes.” that was my moto and that was my life, I was living to eat..

Just imagine a slice of pizza with melted mozzarella cheese falling, or hot lasagna layers with meat stuffed covered by cheese, big fat burger with bacon and mushrooms at the top and a fresh tomato with juicy sauce and melting cheese, mouth watering, huh?yeah I loved food to that extend..

Then something happened, not that I want to point here but it happened.. And I decided to quit.. I see you’re surprised but nodding your head as you know what I am speaking about, sorry to disappoint you but you don’t.. It’s not a diet or regime that I followed, no I quit, like really.. I stopped eating.. Was only drinking.. For one month.. I ate 2-3 dates per day to keep me alive..

I lost 15 Kg after 14 days..

But what I felt was worthy, it was a hell of an experience.. You feel that you’re on top of everything, first couple of days were very hard, at some point you feel that you’re not going to make it and that day is your last.. Then you get used to it.. You look at food and it doesn’t bother you anymore.. You managed to control yourself and you have the upper hand not your desire..

You’re the one who decide when and what to eat.. Not because you’re hungry but because you want to..

Looking at people talking about food with passion and the magic behind the chocolate, secret of happiness some of them say.. you know now it’s nothing but an illusion.. Nothing but advertisements mixing music with pleasure, playing you and your brain..
Not just food, you now see the world with different eyes, you’re the one in charge and control of your actions, fuck!! It feels great, not exaggerating but that month was a turning point in my life, I easily quit smoking, I can eat healthy food if I decided that I will, no it gets better, I can control my feelings towards things and people, I choose what to love and what to hate..

Scary? Fuck yeah!!

I am now better in taking decisions in my life, personal and professional ones..

Form that time I do the fuck I want!! My life my choices.. Am not obligated to do anything for anyone, not selfishness but yes it’s my life I own it!

That was a real life experience that I decided to write about, appreciate your time reading it and would love to hear your feedback and guidance!