Algorithms, Math?

I have always wanted to develop my skill in the pathway of Computer Science, as my desire has been to take this sector of IT has my field of post-secondary school studies. I was told to take Advanced Functions, Calculus, Physics, and yes Chemistry also. But why? Do I really need to know more than how to do simple math to code? Well unfortunately, no.

We created this in 15 minutes, Progress? I think so.

What is an algorithm? Well I am sure we all know the mathematical definition, however for programming we code this math-heavy algorithm to create a recipe from which the computer can act upon a certain command we give it. Algorithms are used for plenty of different forms of work, however in ICS we primarly focus upon sorting. Above, we recently used recursion sort to create a small gadget called “Factorialize”

I am not going to spend time to explain this type of sort function, but I really want to tell you how magical it felt to see this function work. I learned in math about the “n factorial” and honestly, I could’nt have cared less about it if it wasn’t on the unit test the following week, but now it actually means something to me. This function takes the factorial of (n-1) and multiplies it by n, which is magical to me. Did I know that what I learned in math class would actually help me code this function, hell no. I love the inspiration Computer Science gives me into not just code, but the million other things associated with it. The connection with people, the importance of syntax, the knowledge of math, damn who knew it was a package with everything.

I think this is magical, I feel great learning about this and find math a bit more interesting.