It’s a Brand New Year!

Yes, the lighting in this classroom comes from our computer screens.

It’s grade 12, and the level of stress that each individual sits in this room with is often hidden. However, lets not forget that we all sit Grade 12 Computer Science, and I can finally have a breather.

This year brings new projects and challenges. Recently, our very wise ICS teacher informed us about the semester long project that we complete as part of grade 12. In groups of 4, we have designated specific roles to each individual. To do this, we have used Asana to organize our events and dates as to when everything should be done and when everything should be started. This has allowed us to set time aside to brainstorm our idea and get specific ideas aside for our project. We have decided to build an app called Inscribe, Which I will describe in greater detail in my next post.

With this app, we have decided instead of learning C-sharp we learn the basics of Java as we are not looking to make a website app this year, but instead an actual app for Android users. Personally, using Code Academy has not been beneficial this year, as their update to the Pro version has limited the course content I can access. Instead, I am switching to watching videos that will help me understand this content better. As we are learning we are also proceeding with out design work for the app.

Let’s see where this wonderful project and idea takes us this year.

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