Well, designing and constructing the fundamentals of an application does not only include the word ‘code’, but requires much more.

Those charts on the newspaper have a meaning more than just being lines

Our group has used specifics to split up certain tasks; personally, I have been given the responsibility to take care of all marketing aspects of Inscribe. What is marketing?

The conformity of a certain goal is essential to the success in all sectors of a corporation; Apple INC is a well-known example of an organization that has achieved prosperity in all components of a business cycle due to such standards. Specifically, I will be deciphering and analyzing the abstract block building of the marketing cycle, that such a large corporation possesses. The act of marketing plays a very significant role in the business cycle of any small or largely scaled organization, without such branding, it is nearly impossible to have a large recognition of a business towards the targeted consumers; hence limiting the amount of growth over fiscal periods. However, it is important that we recognize what the role of marketing in any industry plays; it is the action of promotion of goods and services to a target audience in terms of research and advertising.

To break it down, during my market analysis I have added the following: Product Description, Place, Promotion, Price, Analysis of the user and viewer screens, Comparative Advantage, and Sustainability.

These sectors of marketing have allowed me to analyze how hard larger enterprises work in building the marketing foundation of their companies and applications/products. It is important to complete such detailing prior to starting a project, which I feel has helped us greatly, as it has given an idea of how and what to build first. I personally feel it is a great addition to put emphasis in such important business components of our projects.

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