The Rare Art Of Questioning

Questioning is a lost art. Millions of us study. A rare few ever learn.

What’s even more saddening is that only a handful realise this fact. Nobody questions anything they’re taught or what they’re taught they should learn. They’re turned into zombies, punished for asking questions, rewarded for accepting things as they are. Little robots being programmed what’s already been discovered, re-programmed what was re-programmed into our programmers by programmers before them. Pavlov’s dogs getting food every time we chime the bells we’re supposed to chime, shocked when we ring our own bells, or ask why we use bells anyways.

And when questioning is discouraged, innovation stops. Nothing new ever happens. Nothing magical is ever created.

Magic. It does not always have to entertain masses. Magic does not have to have a grand prestige led up to by a drumroll ending with an orchestrated crescendo, shooting coloured confetti at the amused audiences.

Magic does not have to enthuse audiences. It doesn’t even have to have an audience. It can, every once in a while, but what magic should really do, is entertain you.

You should reate magic.

Not for others; not because others asked you to.

Do it for you.

Do it just because.

Do it because that little kick you get, creating something that never before existed in this universe, is unbeatable. Do it because the satisfactory ratcheting of gears in your head when you get the answer to something you questioned, is the sweetest sound nobody will ever hear.

And you can’t do anything new, without questioning anything old. You can’t expect different things, while staying the same.

And the best way to stay the same, is to not question anything. By repeating the actions of what generations before you did, all you’re gonna end up with is the results generations before you ended up with. If you shoot for things people already have shot for, you’re always gonna land in the comfort zone. It may be warm and fuzzy there. But it is not magical. Never will be. It will be like riding the same ride at an amusement park again and again…you’d never know what thrills you’re missing out on by never asking if any exist.

You’ll never know what it feels like to have a thought of your own, if you’re too busy living with the results of other people’s thinking.

And what a sad life it would be, to have never had a thought of your own.

You’ll never know the mischievous joy of taking shortcuts. You’ll never know what it would feel like to get there first. While everyone will be busy crossing milestones set up for them by other people, you’d be setting your own milestones and running unstoppably. Pre-determined goals may look pretty as you pass them, but once you’re beyond, you have no idea what to do.

You were clothed and sheltered and cared for and shown a utopia as long as you aimed for their goal. But the moment you stop running and ask why, you will be tortured and whipped, even stripped naked and deserted unless you keep going. When that won’t work, you’ll be told sugary poems and anecdotes of people who toiled all their life and then became successful one day.

Nobody succeeds in a day.

Nobody succeeds by spending their entire life working so hard to pre-qualify themselves without actually trying anything.

And while people following pre-set mediocre goals whizz by them day by day, experiencing mild, mechanical, clockwork happiness, those of you who set your own milestones, unbeknownst to others, experience the raw unbridled joy of actually having achieved something never before achieved in this universe, ever.

That little extra ounce of persistence in seeking answers to your silly questions, that extra perseverance in pursuing knowledge out of pure love for the subject, that extra mile you walk after being deserted for flouting the norm; that is what will make all the difference.

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