Identifying your life of purpose by embracing your pain!

If our dreams are high and we want to achieve something that is extra ordinary then we have to prepared for more failures, more sacrifices and more setbacks. If we turn around the world and see the history of most influential leaders and successful people, then they all have one thing common that they sacrificed a lot to achieve their aims and goals. Hence, the most important takeaways from their life are that they showed persistence and hard work throughout their lives no matter what the situation is.

I was remained a low average student throughout my educational career and unfortunately I failed in mathematics in my 9th class annual exam, it was the most drastic day ever for me, and by chance on that day all of my relatives were also present there and they added salt on my wounds and started too much criticism on me because I had failed and I am low in intelligent and poor in my academic career.

That moment for me is too much painful and hard time, and assumed as time was stuck, later on I did F,Sc and got admission in University of Agriculture, Faisalabad and started doing my bachelor, my gpa was remained low in first four semester because it had been saved in my mind that I could not be able to get good marks and there is no advantage of doing hard work.

Later on I realized that from my Super-hero that “ Allah nay insan kay hath ma sirf niyat aur koshish di hain, Kamyaabi wo deta hain” by continuously listening to my hero, mentor and whom I idealized. I reckon that I can compete , I can get good marks, I can achieve my goals, then I started working hard without focusing on the results because result is not our responsibility only hard work is our responsibility.

“The more I sacrifice, the more I get”

Small sacrifices count as small sacrifices but they have big big big impact on our success.

Good Luck!!

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