How TQM Changed My Way Of Thinking and Learnings

Before TQM:

Customer Focused: From customer focused what I use to understood was focusing on what customers is needs and just looking into what they are really looking forward to do.

Total employee involvement: Employee Involvement is necessary for every company to push the product further into the criteria sheet.

Continual improvement: Product should be improved on the daily basis.

Fact-based decision making: Those real live decisions which are taken in the company when some real incident is happened.

Communications: Communicating with people in such a way that they feel good and they come to the shop again and again.

After TQM:

Customer Focused: After reading this name things nothing changes in my mind but I got to know the real information of customer focused. Which is what really a customer needs and demands for and what kind of Quality and in which price category he is looking for the best item. So yes customer focused is the major part to sell the goods if we really care about customer values we will provide him with the best Quality and will listen to their feedback what they give on a particular product.

Total employee involvement: As Employee Involvement is important for the company’s structure and the technical part involvement and collaboration is really necessary as it builds up the Quality of the product realizing the part of Quality is really much more focused as it catches customers eye as well. So according to this when employee involvement is done new and good Ideas are generated and this leads to betterment of the organization and where there is a team work they always make such things which are appreciated by the customers as understanding between employees lead to better Quality products.

Continual improvement: Production process service and the procurement of raw material and everything should be managed in such a way and new and better ideas should be evolved to keep the improvement process in flow and by doing this we can Increase the Quality of the products.

Fact-based decision making: On the Analysis of the company and seeing the facts and the figures what we analyze and what decisions we take are based on effective skills that will make the company grow and will increase the quality level as well.

Communications: Communicating is the most important aspect and it shows how much responsive you are to your suppliers and your customer and that will assures you of good relation with them which will eventually lead to a better Quality Service provided at both the ends.