Whats better an E-Book or a Book?

E-books are getting common recently .People prefer to read books on mobile phones,tab etc. Example is the Amazon Kindle.I accept E-books can bring all the books on your smartphone at at winkle of an eye but it is very different from reading A REAL BOOK.

Thats right the one made out of paper REMEMBER.E-Books can never take the place of a proper straight book and you got to accept the FACT.

REAL book gives you the feeling that an E-book cannot give.Who would like to stare at small screen scrolling downward and upwards while reading a book.PLUS that light comes to your face. Im not a great fan of it but some are.

With books it feels that you are straight inside the story .You feel like the protagonist.But that feel doesnt come inside an E-Book. You just stare blankly at the screen.

And with books around you people may think that you are a genius and a storehouse of knowledge. Im not exaggerating its true. Books make you look smarter and behave smarter.

This perfectly sums it up.Rad Bradbury once said

There is no future for E-Books because they are not books.E-books smell like burned fuel.

And there you have it.It could write for a long time about this topic but I am leaving it to you.YOU decide E-books or a normal straightforward book

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