As he was eager to be asked, he told us about the place where everything seems darkened and hopeless.

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The greatest combat in history happened between love and hatred in a neutral heart — when both of the armies held a sign: “A winner takes what he puts his hands on, and the loser loses his right to vote.”

There we asked Love, one of the survivors, who are you?
And as he was eager to be asked, he answered:

I’m a flower shining in the dark, trying to forget that flowers need light to survive.

I’m a leashed power that stayed on the war line for a complete life, willing to change but not having the green light.

And How An Insane Man Was The Reason We Know This

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When Eugene Pauly got out of bed, walked down the hospital alley, and had a conversation with one of the nurses as if he were normal, scientist Larry Squire hurried up to find out what’s happening. Eugene has suffered from viral encephalitis, a deadly viral disease that spread through his brain, destroying the long-term memory center and making a 5-centimeters hole that indicated permanent damage. How can he walk in the first place, let alone appear normal?

Scientist Squire studied Eugene over the next years and discovered that what drove Eugene’s behaviors wasn’t thinking; it was the habits he formed…

The surprising results of a once a week dopamine detox

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My life changed when I realized the reason I procrastinate is actually the same reason that makes other people successful. It’s dopamine, and we all have it.

Dopamine is a chemical the brain induces when you expect a reward, whether while scrolling social media, watching Netflix, or playing video games. All through your activities, the prospect of social recognition, naughty scenes, and exciting rewards gets you hooked.

It happens all the time and in the simplest of situations. If you saw a piece of cake, for example, you won’t eat it because you’re hungry, but because you expect to feel…

That are adopted by incredibly successful people

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The man complained about his misfortunes to those who would listen so that they would pat him on the back and share his dreary, but this time, he was complaining to me. He went on to explain how the world is harsh and how society favored smart people over others. I said, “Do you know the way out?” He said no. I said, “change your mindset, and everything will follow.”

5 Concepts That Will Truly Transform Your Life

1- People who have built this world were no smarter than you.

In an outstanding quote by Steve Jobs, he says,

“When you grow up you tend to get told that the world is the way it is and your life is…

Does life pop in every time you try to focus? Then this method is for you

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“Our focus is our future and what we focus on will multiply in our life.” — David DeNotaris

Whether it’s your health, family, or bad habits that distract you from accomplishing your daily goals, it needs to not interfere with your vision of success. In fact, its interference will have negative effects on your mental health, which, in turn, will negatively reflect on your productivity.

The reflection includes:

  • Having more breaks than actual work.
  • Getting overwhelmed because of unimportant decisions.
  • Procrastinating the heavy work until the end of the day and then delaying it to the next.

That’s basically the…

How one excuse can be repeatedly used forever.

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From the deepest extent of the oceans
to the highest point in the mountains.

From the north, south, west
or from wherever you approach it
“If I only had…” is a lie that
will never satisfy your conscience.

An excuse that stops you from taking action.

A nightmare that doesn’t end in your favor.

An everlasting problem that has no solution.

A plague that doesn’t tell you it’s there until you
flashback on your life and see that you didn’t get anywhere.

It only teaches you the fact: A life that seeks comfort while comfort is not the goal is…

The coronavirus breaks through one of the densest populations on earth after a prolonged fight with the government for eight months

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Gaza is starving under the blockade imposed on it for more than fourteen years. In fact, of all the necessities that make a good life and ensures citizen happiness, only clean air is available. Electricity, water, safety, and income stability, on the other hand, are severely lacking.

More now than ever before, it’s threatened with the mass spread of the coronavirus, which grew concerns of an unstoppable epidemic within one of the largest densities on Earth. …

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A face smiled
in the darkest of times
when the dawn wasn’t in sight
and hope was lost.

When people didn’t wear
on their faces
anything but anxiety and fright.

When they thought smiling was a joyful myth
that was ment to keep people from thinking of their life-long despair.

They thought that smiles only happens
in dreams
because they forget it
once they wake up
and they don’t know if they dreamed of it or
imagined dreaming of it, so,
they resolved to catch the false hope
because it’s better than none.

In the middle of poverty, deprivation, and…

And how to overcome writer’s block by having new life-changing experiences

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Scientists create inventions by experimenting with new ideas and taking risks, so why not the same apply to writers?

My hobby and job is writing, in which I have fun picking up the most boring, unnoticed topic in the world and turn it into something interesting. I believe all writers have that in common.

Although we don’t always check the novelty of our writing, we don’t merely repeat what’s been said already in a different way. We add our voice, opinion, and experience to it.

However, it’s not a problem to emphasize and re-create the old content because it’s somewhat…

5 magnificent tools to help you drop your bad habits and invest in new ones

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Staying focused had nearly become impossible when comparing it to instant gratification habits. Social media, email, and all other sites that produce an unlimited amount of content that serves as storage for procrastination are hard to ignore. You and I waste more time skimming them with the pretext of checking the notifications or following up than what we plan to. But, we can avoid them by a simple trick: Prevent the first distraction.

But, as we are humans, we have flaws. We might forget or pretend to have forgotten and go directly into the trap. …

Abdullah AlShawaf

I'm a Palestinian student who loves poetry, personal development, and humor. I also like programming, which I presented here:

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