Top Safety Features to be Included in a Taxi Booking App

Abdul Majeed
Sep 25 · 4 min read

Nowadays, the online taxi business is flourishing by implementing its exclusive safety features of taxi booking app for its massive customer base.

Taxi booking app has transformed the traditional way of hailing a taxi and enhanced the opportunities for entrepreneurs to find a way for their online taxi business.

The entrepreneurs are looking for skilled developers to build a taxi booking app with safety features to enhance their taxi business.

In this article, we will look into the top safety features to be included in a taxi booking app.

Top safety features of Taxi booking app

Live chat option between drivers and customers

The customers look for the taxi booking app, which protects their privacy and the drivers also not interested in sharing their contacts in the online app. To protect the privacy of both the parties, the live chat option should be included in the taxi booking app. This allows having a live chat without sharing any of their details or contact numbers so that it will not affect their personal life.

Safe call options

As already discussed the customers and the drivers may not be interested to share their contact number via the online app but at the same time, it may not be always convenient to have live chat between them.

So it is essential to implement safe call options by enabling anonymous calling option for both customers and drivers. Here in this anonymous calling method, a random number will be displayed to both the parties without sharing their contact numbers.

This safety feature is also very important to be added in the taxi booking app to protect the privacy of both the drivers and the customers.

Sharing the driver and pick up details

This safety feature is the feature which is always looked at by the potential customers. There should be an option in the taxi booking app to share the driver and pick up details to the passengers or customers. Once the booking is confirmed, both the driver and pick details needs to be displayed to the passengers for further assistance.

Here the driver details should include the rating given to the driver and the feedback provided by other passengers who had already had a ride with the driver. This can be implemented by adding a feedback feature in the app.

Pick up details should be included in this feature. It provides the cab number and it becomes easier for the passenger to identify their cab in the jammed road and thus they can have a safe ride.

Tapping the SOS button in case of emergency

This is a very important feature to be included in any taxi booking app so that passengers can have a safe ride at any point in time. SOS is a safety button in the taxi booking app, which is to be pressed by the passenger in case of any emergency.

When the button is pressed an instant message is sent to the respective response team so that they will arrange the team to reach the particular location and at the same time the instant message is also sent to the emergency numbers already provided by the customers in the app.

This makes the passengers or the customers have a safe ride at any point in time.

Tracking with GPS feature

Once the customer confirms the booking, he will be able to track the driver’s location by enabling the GPS feature, and the driver will be able to track the customer pick up point which is provided by the customer.

This GPS feature enables tracking option in the taxi booking app, and the customers can track the route opted by the driver to reach the destination. This makes the customer know whether the driver is taking the right path to reach the destination. This safety feature is very important for the customer to track the path taken by the driver.

Here you can also try out a Free Taxi Dispatch Software Demo to understand the different features and its working


Here in this article, you will be able to find the top safety features to be included in the taxi booking app. This makes both the customers and the drivers have a safe ride, and it makes your taxi booking app to be top-rated among others. Thus it enhances the overall business profit of the taxi business.

Always look for the best taxi dispatch software with all the safety features implemented in the app to build your own online taxi business.

Like Safety Feature there are some other features that make a taxi booking software more productive which in turn helps the Taxi Business. Here are some of the Top 5 Features to Include in Taxi Booking App.

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