Khudi and Self Learning

Part 01

History is evident of the fact that they are always men who work for the betterment of humanity. They came out of their comfort zones and never cared what people are saying. Abdul Sattar Edhi is the most shining example in this regard. Throughout his whole life he worked only for human beings selflessly. His early childhood set path for his future charitable work under the guidance of his mother, who really was a great lady. After migrating to Pakistan this Memon family,businessman family settled in Karachi where he started his fabulous journey of dedication and hard work.

He founded edhi foundation and made his ambulance service as the largest non-profit private ambulance service in the world.

He followed the principles of small beginnings and big dreams. When he decided to do something he just started and never went into long plannings. He read books of famous revolutionaries like Stalin,linen and Marx. He also learned Quran and religion and build a modern,progressive approach.

He has the qualities and punctuality,consistency,hard work and living a simple life, the last one he learned from his parents.He has left many lessons for all of us.

After reading biography of Edhi Sb there are many examples that we observe in our daily life. out of these examples i found one that is exactly the same that i faced few years ago. i was going to play ground with my brother, on my way i saw 2 boys misbehaving with an elderly man. it was very disturbing for me and i tried to stop them but situation got worse and me n and my brother went into a quarrel with them and managed to rescue that old man from them by physically fighting with those boys.This example shoes the highest level of helping others. Despite the after affects of this incidents i was happy at my effort.

Part 02

There always are some plannings and ideas which occupies our mind and thinking throughout our lives. During our lifetime we always plan,plan and plan to do many things but few of them actually get materialize.

I always was a good sportsman and used to indulge in any sort of sport throughout my educational career. But things got changed when i started my first job. In practical life most of my friends get very busy in their jobs and businesses etc . so my sports activities reduced a lot. So i decided to join a gym to keep myself healthy and and fit.

Thus i began to plan about weight training and diet plans began to emerge in my mind. But after many months i was actually unable to join any gym and start weight training. But in this week i took a firm decision to join a fitness club so i may be able to put my life on a healthy track back again. So in this process i found following three tasks to materialize my goals.

  1. Finding a suitable gym and getting enrolled.

For this purpose i visited various gyms in nearby areas. And selected one that is nearest to my house. This will save my travelling time . I visited the place and got myself enrolled.

2. Preparation of diet plan and exercise schedule

A proper diet and exercise plan is the key to get a healthy body. For this purpose i consulted the trainer and he formulated me a good diet plan. He also devised an exercise schedule for me.

3. Follow the plans

It’s true to say that plans are nothing if not implemented properly, so i am determined to stay focus and punctual to complete this task

why i want to achieve this task ? a healthy body is very important for everyone. i used to be a good sportsman but due to job i was unable to give proper time to sports, thus it was really important for me to start a sports activity and gym is certainly a good option.

The first challenge is that i never went to gym before so i have to idea about it. i never be a good planner so making schedule for gym was really tough for me. but starting this project is a very exciting experience for me. with full dedication and motivation i at last manage to start this project. My next step is to give my full commitment thus i’ll be able to maintain a healthy body.

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