The power of positive thinking

Learning is indispensable for survival. It starts from first day of life and went through whole life. Value of learning varies from person to person and perspective. My 3-month fellowship at Amal Academy is the most memorable, exciting, impactful and fruitful experience of my life. I cannot forget the amount of energy and inner satisfaction I gained here from my respected facilitators and dear fellows. I used this tenure to its maximum productivity and learnt many lessons. Lessons I learnt are about life, happiness, positivity, learning and respect.

It is extremely difficult for me to name a single most important lesson gained out of this fellowship. After in depth analysis I found out the importance of positive thinking, the most important lesson I learnt from this fellowship. The course on positive thinking was a game changer for me. It sowed and watered a seed of positive thinking inside of my mind and allowed me to fertilize it with positive energy and prepare it for harvesting.

Importance of positive thinking is as clear as day light. It can create a sense of hope when hoping is ridiculous. It allows us to think beyond some materialistic parameters. It forces us to hope and strive for the best. It seeds hope- the only trait which makes us human- and trains our minds for unpleasant outcomes. It allows us to take challenges as opportunities to learn something new, something more interesting and creative. It gives us a chance to think again and act. Positive thinking is the only way out in this world of tyranny and inequality.

As I mentioned earlier learning is a continuous process thus it must not stop at any point. I will continue fertilizing the seed of positive thinking through my actions and emotions to make it a tree, standing high in the air and gripping the soil firmly. Today I am sensing the effect penetrated into my soul and body as a result of positive thinking and it will never be diminished.

Abdul Mannan

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