ANDELA BootCamp Nigeria XV — Day 3— Stuffs Getting Tougher, with Fun Though!

Trying to meet up with a target, I arrived at the center earlier than normal today, even though, i had a sleepless night. 
Note: Don’t pity me! I heard about how stressful the bootcamp used to be before putting in my head.

Despite the need to meet up with the codecademy ruby course, I still had to open my white teeth and say “Good morning!” to everyone I met on my way and especially, my lovely class(class 1) mates. I have made enough friends within the few days, intelligent friends I meant.

Here comes Miss Bukky, our Instructor...we all greeted her and she replied and that marks the beginning of the day's activities. It was play time! we played a game where each and everyone had to give and collect a virtual gift from someone. it went round and it was all fun. I learnt it's always good to show appreciation over anything given to you, be it big or small and also the benefits of gifting, helping other people in need is one of the greatest achievements we should all strive towards.

The Food-For-Thought(FFT) topic is: HOW TO MAKE OUR CODE WORK, every member of the class discussed extensively about the topic and the instructor explained further. That led us to unit testing where we talked about Test-Driven-Development(TDD) and Behavioural-Driven-Development(BDD), the differences between the two were explained, we made reference to Minitest and Rspec which are used for the testing.

It was time to visit Codecademy to finish my ruby course, I was just left with two sections then, so it took me few minutes to complete the course finally, Hurray!!! (that feeling when you are able to meet up with the your client's deadline for a project!). No room for chilling a while before going on with other assignments, many assignments are already on the waiting list, so I had to quickly continue with the Rubykoans. I couldn't get the concept at first, so I had to seek for guidelines from our instructors. instructors? Yes!!! instructors. we were actually assigned one more instructor today, in person of Miss Sanni Yetunde(she prefers being called Yetty though).

I was battling with the Rubykoans exercises when a pen/paper programming question was passed, we were told to hand-run the code on a paper as against using our laptops. we wrote it, Bukky and Betty corrected us where necessary and that marks the end of the day's activities.

You may be wondering I didn't even mention anything about food today? YEAH!!!...not like I wanted to skip it, but I couldn't actually take the lunch, more demanding activities I was engaged with deprived me of that. So I had been living on water since morning, not too Good tho. Guess what? Despite that, I still had a few discussion on some questions with my newly made friends. It wasn't meant to be easy, but it all boils down to fun, because I like trying to survive amidst challenges around. *dropping the keyboard for now*

Its All Fun!
This is Abdulmujeeb!!
This is Andela!!!...#TIA

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