ANDELA BootCamp XV Nigeria — Day 4 — The Hustle Continues!

Sleepless Nights had became the order of the day, so I had to use that opportunity to sleep while inside the commercial bus I boarded to the center today. As much as I don't like sleeping in such situations, I couldn't help, but to give my brain a few minutes of reset.

It all started with the normal daily greetings from friends and class mates in general, we all exchanged pleasantries and smiled at each other. The "Boss Madams" came in and we all went quiet after greeting them.

ZOOM SCHWARTZ PROFIGLIANO was the game title, Bukky introduced us to this. Here are the rules of the game:

  • Someones starts and says either ‘zoom’, ‘Schwartz’ or ‘Profigliano'
  • The next person says any of those three words also, then the next, then the next…
  • Each of those words have a meaning: ZOOM let’s the movement continue the way it was, SCHWARTZ makes a reverse of the ongoing direction and PROFIGLIANO skips a person in the ongoing direction.
  • Any person who makes a mistake will be out of the game.

It was fun, I didn’t make a mistake till the circle remained 6 of us, the game is meant to test your "Attention to details".

We continued with an introduction to Object Oriented Programming(OOP), where we discussed about objects, classes, instance, class and global variables with their corresponding methods.

We had three tests from Andelabs. The website server went down for a while as we couldn’t submit the test solutions on time due to traffic congestion being pulled though. Trust the Engineering team, they got it fixed in no time. We Engineers Rocks...We are dedicated Problem Solvers!!!.

We continued with the Rubykoans exercises after the test which is meant to introduce us to different concepts in ruby, one can learn how to write Minitest and Rspec testing scripts from there also. We did this for few hours before joining my friends in order to conclude our discussion about yesterday’s problems we were trying to solve.

I must say this, My BBM chats and updates has been pending since Monday, I couldn’t check some of my social handles like I used to. Where is even the time to do that?...I only respond to necessary emails and chats. It wasn’t funny, its good to get busy once in a while though. Looking forward to tomorrow’s activities.

The Hustle Continues!
This is Abdulmujeeb!!
This is Andela!!!... #TIA