ANDELA Bootcamp XV Nigeria — Day 5 — A fulfilled Week!!!

OK...It’s the final day of the week, everyone was trying to solve the Andelab problems in readiness for the mega questions of the day.

We started the day with an Object Oriented Game(OOG) in which everyone had to point to a unique object within the classroom. It’s RUBY class, so u don’t need asking why OBJECTS. We repeated the game for a few cycles and we all pointed to a unique object in turn.

We discussed about the FFT(Food For Thought) topic for the day: HOW TO IMPROVE OUR SOLUTION SPEED. I talked about my opinion like every other person did. Improving Solution speed assumes that we have an already existing solution that needs optimization. So the steps necessary to achieve this were what is required of us and it includes:

1. Importing the Time class/module to monitor the program runtime.
2. Familiarity with the language and built-in-methods where applicable to avoid re-inventing the wheels.
3. Selection of the best algorithm suitable for a problem, considering Big O notation.
4. Check for inputs and catch/handle the errors where necessary.
5. Segment programs into methods and functions for easy troubleshooting and code reusability.
6. Reducing the lines of code where applicable.
7. Using faster operators like Ternary and the best loop control where applicable.
8. Use inheritance where necessary, avoid repeating blocks of code.

Miss Bukky challenged us with some logical algorithmic problems on sorting and we tried our best, after which she provided the best solution to each question. while she was doing this, Nadayar Enegesi(Director Engineering and Training, Andela) gave us a surprise visit, we were all happy to see him amidst us. He shared some vital points about Andela’s interest and what is expected of a prospective fellow. We asked him few questions and he replied us in detail.

*Gan Gan*...thats the bell ringing, it’s actually time for the mega test everyone had been anxiously waiting for. We were given questions from and told to provide solution to them. I tried my best.

In summary, 15th-19th of February, 2016 has been the most fulfilled and rigorous week of my life, am still finding it hard to believe that I have spent just a week at Andela Bootcamp though, it’s like a month already, considering my level of understanding of Ruby from Monday till now, the number of friends I have made and the exposure. It’s being magical and wonderful I must say. We were given much tasks to complete within a short time, that’s called challenge and I love this a lot. of course, you don’t feel the stress while involved in such activities, being your passion makes everything appear as FUN. The memories of the few days spent with these greats minds can never be erased. I must say thank you Andela for this great opportunity. Looking forward to continuing with the Rails class next week, that’s if God wish.

It's Being a Fulfilled week!
This is Abdulmujeeb!!
This is Andela!!!....#TIA