It’s not a race.

Life is not a race or a competition. 
Statement like I will be better than you, etc doesn't apply. We are all on different path. I choose to call it path or road while some may call it track. It still drive home the same point.

We are all on different roads. Some are on express, some are on service lane, some are on BRT lane, some are on bicycle lane while some are pedestrian. 🚶🚶

Irrespective of your lane, you have a destination which is not common to everyone. Every person on every lane has their own destination. Being on the express doesn't mean you will get to your destination before the person on the pedestrian 🚶 and vice versa.

Also, as there are different lane, some people are liable to change theirs. It doesn’t mean that you would arrive at it your destination earlier or later. It's just the way your journey has been written.

Saying overtaking is allowed make it seem like a competition which is not. 
There is no overtaking at all. It’s just you moving at your own pace.

Of course, it can't be a smooth ride, you won't be on cruise speed forever. There will be bumps, portholes, speed limits and even traffic. So don't feel bad when any of that occurs just know that it's life happening and it will definitely pass……

Enjoy the ride!!!!!