Dull projects can lead to great experience

When I was first told by my friends about the required project, I didn’t know what the requirements even mean. I heard the word OBD as the main title of the project and I had no idea what that is.

I remember the night when the professor published the project description very clearly. I cursed a lot that night and I was very angry about that project for its complexity and being out of my studying scope. This was one of the few times when my dad sympathized with me. He has his own way of motivation and pushing forward by challenging me. But this night he couldn't bring himself to do it. He actually felt like I am almost giving up on everything.

OBD, What on earth would that be ?
Well, without getting in depth for too much, it stands for On Board Diagnostics. It is supposed to be responsible for getting data from the motor of a car,analyzing it and displaying it afterwards. Maybe I will write about that later with more technical information.

I discovered new things about myself during working in this project. I never thought that I’d be that passionate about learning. And yet I was very enthusiastic about discovering this whole new field. I spent long nights searching and trying. For sure I was exhausted but yet I didn’t give up or even thought about it. Because deep inside I was happy for being busy, responsible for something and for absorbing new knowledge.

It’s said that one can’t rise up without knowing one’s flaws. Working in this project spotted the light on many hidden flaws that I had got. I realized that I have no patience for trying again and again. I tend to take the easy path to fix the obvious problems instead of getting into depth and trying with the complex ones. This may seem as a merit, but at some point it turns to be an attitude of laziness and searching for comfort.

As much as I hate to admit, I am quite happy for working in this project. Maybe I will change my mind after getting through the final phases. Maybe the grade I get won’t be satisfying for me but I don’t care, for the mean time at least, as I am happy with what I do despite the fact that my whole body is crying for rest.