Abdul Sattar Edhi : A great humanistic

Abdul Sattar Edhi was a great humanistic person.He will always live in our hearts. After reading the different aspects of life of Edhi sahab from the Book A Mirror To The Blind written by Tehmina Durrani . I saw that he followed the four principles of progress of Amal in different parts of his life.

  1. One of the Amal principles of progress that Edhi sahab followed and that really touched to my heart is the Believe in yourself. Like when he was just thirteen years old and his friends called him “ A shiekh chilli”. He never discouraged the himself.He said to his friends
    “I can begin small,but why should i think small” . It means always dream big and believe in them that one day they come true. This gives me so much motivation and I am also having the big dream that one day I will get the government job of 17 grade .After that In sha Allah I will educate the poor children of my society.
  2. The goal that I really wanted to achieve in my past is to be the best in the “Problem Solving” of Physics. In my past , I wanted to achieve this goal because the problem solving in physics makes you better to understand the concepts of physics . The challenges that I faced in my past about the “Problem Solving” are the followings :-

a) No one’s courage me .

b) At that time, i didn’t have the facility of internet or You tube videos.

3.It was a great experience to do the this task. Now i am feeling so much happy that i completed this project. I faced the challenges like searching the videos on You tube and to make the full concentration while doing this project. I have learned the one main thing about this project is to “NEVER GIVE UP” in life .No matter what are the circumstances always stick to your goal.Now my next step is to solve the problems of BS Physics.

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