Part 1 of 3rd Activity:

(a) While reading reading the 2nd chapter of Edhi’s biography, Edhi was like a walking personality in-front of me. As i read something like that once Edhi helped out of a old man who was shivering and was ill. Edhi’s mother gave him blanket and medicine and said to go for help.

Same is that case with me when my age was 19 . I was coming back from college and saw a old man with heavy beard and was in sever condition at Hamdard Chok Lahore. No one was ready to go for help and everyone was passing by. I came near to him and asked what happened BABA GEE. My eyes were full of tear, while he said that my son said me to leave home. I was not so matured butt due to help of my friends , we collect some money. After that took him to the HAJAM near Pindi Stop Lahore. Barbar cut his hair n set his beard and he took shower. Then by the consultancy of a doctor , BABA GEE took medicine and recovered some hour. In the evening, we went to old age home near Yateem Khana and admited BABA GEE here. It is a reality base incidence that i faced in my life. That is related to EDHI SAB’s effections. After that me and my friends decided that we ‘’Let gathered for humanity’’.

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Part 2 of 3rd Activity:

a) My Faith , Believe in Allah Almighty as Edhi always believed in Allah and become a effective personality in the world by the positive services with the Allah’s creature.

As i written in my 2nd activity that my first project of construction of roof installation of a school building with my father that i started on the concept of #juststart. Having no experience , no idea i just started this work . At the time of starting , i loose my confidence that how i will complete this project as i have no idea that how to do. Butt at last , with the time of one week we completed the work. My client was happy and satisfied.

b) As my field is construction so it was a biggest challenge for me to complete this project even i was in first year of degree. First , work put a danger and burden on my mind. Father clapped on my back and said to start. By the patience of my father , i started n finished properly. Some problems like due to lack of knowledge we took one week while it was a 3 days completion project. Butt i learned that “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE”. This project gave me a lesson that never give up. Always be dedicated to your work.

At the end i want to add that Edhi never give up. He just made his mind and start the project with some money. Today, Edhi’s name is in the heart of every muslim. Salam Edhi Sab. Solute Edhi Sab.

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